StoryWorthyWeek returns this September 2014, with the best of Hong Kong’s storytelling scene, and a truly star-studded main event. David Sedaris, “one of the finest comic talents currently living on this planet” (the Guardian), headlines the festival.

故事精華遊藝術節於九月十二至二十四日載譽歸來,今年隨了為大家呈獻多場多元化丶內容精彩的本地故事演説,我們還邀請了被<<衛報>> (the Guardian) 譽為”最優秀的搞笑天才” David Sedaris 來港演出。

StoryWorthyWeek is a Hong Kong-based arts festival that believes that everyone in Hong Kong has a story to tell. The second edition of the festival, in September 2014, will feature local and overseas performers sharing their best stories—hilarious, touching, and even a little absurd. StoryWorthyWeek is all about the particularly human gift of telling stories.

故事精華遊藝術節是關於人性 —— 謊言 …以及真相的本地藝術節。我們相信在香港,每個人都有一個故事。第2屆故事精華遊藝術節於2014年9月12日至24日舉行。頂尖的本地及海外表演者將聚首一堂,演繹自己最煽動人心、令人激動的作品。

David Sedaris

David Sedaris: 7:30 pm, 18 Sept, KITEC

Top Notch

Top Notch: 8pm, 12 & 20, Fringe Club

The Imposter

The Imposter: 8pm, 13 & 17 Sept, Fringe Club

The Hundred

The Hundred: 8pm, 19 Sept, Fringe Club

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